Download of this PDF-Files will not have too much advantages...because they are all written in german language. Other option is to view them online, translated with Google.This is also not too funny, very very bad layout, the life as programmer has become spartanic and lousy paid and so are the results.

But anyway one can see some of the fondly written PDF-Files online and translate them to whatever language one might like, but without the pictures therein...mmmhhhh .... ggrrrr.. thanks to google, the "Tower to babel principle" is still active.

Bio in Postern ... Ars Vitae as sequence of event posters ... which are lost in translation ;-)

Intermezzo im Bereich der Kulturellen Bildung - 4 Internships in theatre arts in eduacation in Berlin ... but "too large to translate"


Bio in Postern
Dies ist die graphisch witzigste Datei: Veranstaltungsplakate "wichtiger" Theaterprojekte, an denen ich mitwirkte.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 695.8 KB
Intermezzo im Bereich der Kulturellen Bildung
Praktikumsberichte vom Berliner Kindertheater, Theater der Migranten, La Parole Aux Main, Werkstatt der Veränderung....80 Tage Abenteuer im Alltag der Kulturellen Bildung
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.6 MB

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